Blacksmiths Smiths Whitesmiths Farriers etc. 1840 – 1933 [Herts London Kent Surrey Sussex Somerset Suffolk] CD


This CD includes the Smiths, Blacksmiths, Farriers, Bellhangers, Locksmiths & Whitesmith for the following places.

Hertfordshire 1840 – Blacksmiths, Whitesmiths, Smiths and Farriers, London 1840 – Smiths, Locksmiths and Bellhangers,  Kent 1890’s and 1922 – Blacksmiths, Smiths and Farriers, Somerset 1919 – Blacksmiths, Smiths and Farriers, Surrey and Sussex 1907 – Blacksmiths, Smiths and Farriers, Suffolk 1933 – Blacksmiths, Smiths and Farriers.

This information has been compiled from various Kelly’s and Pigot’s County Directories covering the years 1840 to 1933. Only available on CD.

Not available as a download.

By king permission of Reed Business Information Ltd.


Foundry workers covering the years 1840 to 1933. Reproduced on CD.


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