Derbyshire Marriages Volume 1 [CD]


Derbyshire Marriages Volume 1. Covering the following place.
Dale Abbey1667-1813, Stanton-by-Dale1605-1812, Stanley 1754-1812, Breaston 1719-1810, Sandleacre 1581-1812, Risley 1720-1812, ockbrook 1631-1812, Boulton 1756-1812, Heath [Lown/Lund] 1682-1812, Church Broughton 1538-1812, Hault Hucknall 1660-1812, Mackworth 1603-1812 and Allestree 1595-1812.
Reproduced on CD.


Marriage Records from 13 Parishes in Derby. Reproduced on CD in PDF format.


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